Kumbari Staffords 

How it all started

Noel and Audrey Knight began their married life in 1951.  They were from hearty aussie stock and both were classic 'bushies'.  It was a different time then, Noel was a keen hunter, shooter and horseman, Audrey, the daughter of dairy farmers, was an accomplished horsewoman and who also knew her way around a rifle.

They went on regular hunting trips and soon realized that it was a dog that they needed.  They came across a strange looking bull terrier that proved to be a very good finder and holder of wild boar.  After some investigation they found out that dog was a 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier', after a lucky tip they found a breeder, the only breeder in Queensland, Bill and Eve Stevens, recent emmigrants from the UK.  Luckily Noel and Audrey were able to purchase a red male, 'Westaff Red Devil' from Jim Hamlet.  'Rusty' was whelped 1952 and was from the second litter born from the dog and bitch that Bill and Eve had bought with them from England when they emmigrated, sire - Tinker's China, dam - Bill's Hope.

'Rusty' was entered in a dog show when Dad and Mum bought him, and Mum agreed to honour that committment.  The rest, as they say is history.

'Rusty' (Photo above) became an Australian Show Champion on November 13, 1958.




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