Kumbari Staffords 

Staffords on the run

A collection of Endurance Test photos of Kumbari Staffords
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For more details on the rules for Endurance Tests please visit Dogs Qld or ANKC website


There shall be four (4) veterinary checks - before starting the Willingness test then after the completion of each leg.  All exhibits shall be examined by the veterinary surgeon and/or veterinary team, covering such things as the general fitness, temperature, standing heart rate, condition of the pads. (Each bitch must be examined at the first check to ensure that she is not in season).
Prior to the commencement of the 20 km run, a short Willingness test will be conducted (to include a recall) on or off the lead. At the completion of the run and after the final 15 mins rest period, a short Willingness test will be conducted (to include a recall) on or off the lead.
The test shall be a 20 km run to be covered in three legs 8 kms, 6 kms, and 6 kms.
At completion of each leg there shall be a rest period of 15mins., 20 mins., 15 mins.
Handlers shall wear a catalogue number and proceed in single file, in numerical order, following the pacemaker. The dog is permitted to pull slightly but continued lagging may incur disqualification. Handlers are only permitted to handle one dog at any one time.
The distance is to be completed in 2 hours and 35 minutes, including the two intermediate breaks, but excluding the final rest period ie. the test is to be conducted at an average of 10 kms. per hour.
Dogs reluctant to go with handlers are to be disqualified.
Dogs may stop to relieve themselves but handlers and dogs must make up the test time and regain their position in the line. Handlers must carry implements for cleaning up after dogs and must clean up before returning to the test.
After the first 8 kms. there shall be a rest period of 15 mins. during which time the veterinary team, veterinary surgeon and/or Judge shall examine all exhibits. Two or more officials are normally required to assist with the taking of temperatures, looking at pads and recording thereof.
Dogs showing any undue stress, badly worn pads or a high temperature or any bitch that has come into season prior to the continuation of the test, shall be eliminated by the judge and/or veterinary surgeon.
The Judge to consult with the veterinary surgeon if the dog registers a high temperature only and is not showing any signs of distress, as to whether the dog continues the test.
After a further distance of 6 kms. a rest period of 20 mins. shall be taken during which time the same procedure as in (9) above shall be carried out.
After the final 6 kms. there shall be a further rest period of 15 mins. During this period dogs shall be allowed to move about freely or relax.
At the end of the final rest period the fourth veterinary check shall be undertaken. No extra time is to be given if the dog fails to meet the test criteria.
After this final veterinary check the Willingness test will be conducted.
A certificate will be issued for each qualifying dog.

Ch.Kumbari Stop The Traffic ET 'Curry and rider Leanne'
Part of training for the Endurance Test, Bond on the walker 2012
Bond 2012
Curry 2009
Curry's final willingness test 2009
Kumbari Mix N Match ET and Ch.Stafaholic Caffiene High ET 'Rush' and 'Bruce' 2010
Rush with pre test vet check with rider Sally 2010
Bond and Frith 2012
Bruce 2010
start of leg three 2010
2010 Qualifiers
Begining of leg two 2011
End of leg three 2011
Kumbari W W W ET and Dire Straits Dezmond ET Imp Swd
Meg 2011
Leg 2 Bond 2012
Leg 3 and they are off
Qualifiers 2012



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